Being grateful

I have the best patients in my practice.  I continue to be inspired by them daily.  My patients walk into the office with smiles on their faces – almost all the time – and sometimes they are dealing with some serious stuff.  They amaze me.  People are resilient.  I am constantly reminded of this in the spirit of the people I am blessed to be able to help every day.  Just another testament to the design of our body, mind and spirit.  We are designed to heal.  Sometimes that healing comes with scars.  Take a look at your hands and see the remnants of tiny (or not-so-tiny) old wounds.  Your body healed itself.  The reason I am so grateful for the job that I get to do everyday is because I get to work with the body’s own natural ability to heal.  I line things up – physical, chemical, and emotion – so that they body does its healing quickly and with less scars.  My job is awesome.  My patients are incredible.  And for all of this – I AM GRATEFUL!

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