3 SIMPLE Ways to Improve a Monday (or any day)

Starting off the week just gets easier and easier.  Yes – you read that correctly.  In the past year I’ve discovered many things about myself, about starting a business, about finding my niche and about keeping things simple.  Like many, I always tend to be drawn the the complicated.  I believe I am hard-wired to excel best in complicated environments with complicated dynamics.  As a child, teenager and young adult, my energy in life went primarily towards two things – music and sports.  I wasn’t content with playing just one instrument – I had to play them all and I had to challenge the most difficult songs and as many competitions as I could.  I would not “just pick one.”  No way!  As an athlete, I had to play every sport available to me.  I even ran cross country at one point and trust me – I am NOT a distance runner.  Ultimately, I focused mostly on softball.  But, of course, I had to be a catcher despite my small stature because I had to be involved in every aspect of the game at all times.  This served me well though because college softball paid off well during my undergraduate education.  So how does all this apply to keeping things simple?  This is what I’ve learned most this past year.

1) Keeping it simple means DOING WHAT I LOVE.  Even when it may seem to the outside word that it’s “difficult”, “challenging”, even “exhausting.”  Doing something that I love everyday – no matter how “complicated” – gives me LOTS of energy and lots of calm at the same time.  It’s who I am.  Don’t fight who you are – that takes energy.  Instead embrace it! So to improve your Monday (or any day), do something that you love.

2) Keeping it simple means QUIETING THE INNER CRITIC.  We all have thoughts that jump into our brains at random times throughout the day.  Find a phrase that works for you and stop those thoughts IMMEDIATELY when you recognize them.  If you pay attention, and you will now that this concept is in your awareness, then you will recognize this inner critic voice and you will put it on mute much more frequently.  I used to have some specific phrases I would use to quiet the critic such as: “I am enough.”  “I am talented.”  “I am…”.  Now I’ve even simplified this process.  Now I just see a picture of myself hitting a MUTE button.  And I laugh internally as I feel empowered by my true self.

3) Keeping it simple means SPEAKING IN GRATITUDE.  Words are incredibly powerful.  They have so much physical, emotional and spiritual energy.  I understand the muscular and neurological components that go into the the formation of a thought and conversion into a spoken word.  It’s complicated.  It’s also a simple thing that we do many times a day without conscious awareness.  Make a commitment to speak one gratitude at the start and the end of everyday.  I promise you will be amazed at how this simplifies even the most challenging times.  It changes our internal energy which simply changes everything.  SIMPLY.

Give it a try.  Make a simple.  And ENJOY!!!

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