When everything is new…

Much excitement exists around the “New”.  For many at this time of year, it’s New Year’s Resolutions – a time for new goals, increased effort and greater investment (in those things we value such as family, community, career, health, etc).  For some the “New” lasts for months and months while for others maybe a few days or weeks.  When asking a variety of people why they believe New Year’s Resolutions don’t last as long as people intend, I get a diverse set of answers with one common thread –   People Get Stressed! Something else becomes a priority and then life becomes unbalanced and stressful.  Life happens and as we all have certainly experienced, change is the only constant.  So the question becomes – “What can we do to keep that ‘New’ excitement momentum when the stressors of life start to get to us?”

Here are 3 recommendations:

  1. Whenever possible when making a new goal, plan out potential obstacles and create a variety of options for how to navigate the obstacles.
  2. Enlist help.  This is a MAJOR reason that life becomes unbalanced.  We tend to not want to ask for and take in honest feedback when we get it.
  3. Use some traditional stress management techniques: prioritize, eat nutritiously, get adequate sleep, exercise, take 15 minutes a day of “me time”, do something enjoyable every single day, laugh, breath, sing, dance…you get the picture.

You might be asking why a chiropractor is writing about stress…

First – Stress is universal.  I have to do things daily to manage stress at a healthy level.  Luckily – I have learned over the years to do the above and for the most part, it WORKS.  Secondly, I GET ADJUSTED.  I have learned that there are enormous stress reduction benefits from chiropractic techniques.

Did you know…There are techniques which require no “cracking” – really no force at all – that are focused on balancing the autonomic nervous system.  These techniques keep the systems of the body in balance which in simple terms means this…Healthy elimination of the physical effects of stress, improved ability to physically and emotionally cope with stressors, and…LESS ILLNESS which happens more frequently in individuals experiencing high levels of stress.

Maybe a low stress New idea in 2016 is to give chiropractic a try.  Ask your chiropractor if they will use a technique to balance your autonomic nerve system to help you manage stress in a healthy way!