Breaking through the weight loss plateau

Getting started on a weight loss program can be overwhelming.  There are so many choices out there.  Some are certainly quick weight loss fads and others are a more balanced and long-term lifestyle change approach to health.  The purpose of this short blog is to address that looming “is this worth it?” mindset that happens during the weight loss journey.  The truth is…there are fairly easy and relatively inexpensive ways to keep you going on your weight loss journey (or get you started on one that works for you and keep you going on it).

I would say 75-80% of my patients who ask me about weight loss have already started their weight loss journey but have reached that annoyingly frustrating weight loss plateau.  For many, when a plateau is reached, the first action is to CUT more calories or foods out of their diet.  This is exactly the opposite thing to do if you want to be successful at getting those pounds off, building lean muscle mass and ultimately staying at your goal weight when you reach it.

My patients and I work through their weight loss plateaus primarily by doing two things: removing (or at least decreasing) any stresses causing interference with their body’s ability to have an optimal metabolism AND using specific pressure points in the body to boost metabolism, decrease cravings and promote healthy digestion.  So many times the body starts to actually store fat because we get to the point where the body thinks it is in starvation.  The body is made to survive.  It does that by increasing stress hormones and increasing fat storage.

Have you reached your healthy weight goals or do you need a little help to get through your weight loss plateau?

I am here to help!  Weight loss sessions typically only require about 10 minutes of your time and only cost $10 per session.  If you are ready for a change, go online to and schedule your 10 minute weight loss visit.

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