The thumb has no report

I am reminded of the phrase “the thumb has no report” today when thinking about the complexity of the mind/body relationship.  I have a friend who is a highly trained orthopedic surgeon.  She and I would discuss at length the mind/body relationship because we both understand deeply that there cannot be a separation of parts when dealing with any human condition or injury.  One day while doing our own internal body surveys, she says outloud, “the thumb has no report.”  We burst into laughter for several minutes before continuing to check in with our bodies for any signs of tension or distress.  Looking back at this funny little interaction, I am reminded that while, in the moment, there was nothing particularly interesting about that part of the body, the thumb actually had a useful role in that body scan.  We both had busy and sometimes stressful jobs and we NEEDED the laugh.  Now as I teach my patients how to better listen to their bodies, I am reminded that even in silence we learn something about ourselves.  Maybe next time you sit still and listen to what your body needs you will get a loud PAY ATTENTION TO ME signal.  Maybe you will get silence or the urge to giggle or a thought will randomly pop into your head when scanning some random area of your body for information.  If it’s a thought, write it down.  If it’s a giggle, let it out.  If it’s silence, breathe and sit in it.  Just the 2-3 minute routine of paying attention to your body and mind can bring about insights you never imagined and have the GREAT benefit of addressing symptoms of problems before louder symptoms occur.  So get going…start your scan…what does you thumb have to report today?